Sunday, March 29, 2009

Give Away

Hello all, I bet you are wondering what is up with the picture above hmmm ??? lol :) Well I have been telling you I would be doing a give away soon and here it is

There won't be a picture of what I am giving because it is going to be a surprise box sent out . That's right you won't know until it arrives at the lucky winners doorstep and they open it. Then I will post a picture of the goodies sent . This might just be something new I do on here from time to time because it sounds like fun . We will see how much you like this one .


So if you would like to enter my give away for a surprise box with an item or two handmade by me .Then just leave me a comment below telling me a few of your favorite things either things you like to collect or things you like to do or both it can be anything . I will put your name in my drawing and the winner will be posted on April 20Th . if you would like to post about this on your blog you may use the photo above and just let me know I will add you 3 more times .

To get you all started I will tell you a few of my favorite things.


Pretty much anything old and rustic


Old vintage lace and buttons.


Americana decor, love dark blues and burgundy


Old vintage photo's -like you didn't know that one lol


I love to go to garage sales and auctions to look for those special treasures


I love photography


Being able to open the windows and let the fresh air in and hear the birds sing.


playing out in my flowers taking in the sunshine .


Going for long walks around a pond hubby and the kiddo's likes to fish at .


This is just a few of my favorites so let me hear some of yours now ......


Tami said...


What fun...I love surprises!!

My favorite things...I have so many! ;o) Here are a few......
Birds, Nests, Feathers, Shells, Old books, Old Sheet music, Ribbon, Buttons, Paper, and Worn rusty objects!!
Long walks on the beach, time with my husband!!!

I have added your giveaway to my sidebar!!

Have a great day!

marie said...

A surprise box is an excellent idea for a giveaway! I'd loved a chance at winning!!

I love old buttons (in old jars), ladies gloves & hankies. I have a nice assortment of old rolling pins ~ the warm wood with red or green handles really appeals to me. I love old wooden bowls filled with gingerbread too.
Loving fresh air and birds singing is definitely something we share!

I'll post about your fun giveaway on my blog later today.

Tami said...

opps sorry I missed typed your name Renea!!

Deb said...

Hi Renae,
Favourite things ok: anything shabby chic, old antique homewares,
anything with polka dots, spending time curled up reading, quiet times with husband. Beach, sitting thinking.
Will post on my blog tonight after work Renae,hugs

Stina said...

That is something that I love.... especially if its wrapped really nice... :o)
Anything old and vintage... farm stuf... and someone mentioned buttons...old ones..ahh..they are so pretty... Hmmm and FLOWER...especially the first one for spring and summer... they are the nicest...think they are more in to my colours too......and I love the SUN..:o)
Ohhh..and I almost forgot...QUILTS!!!
Will add your givaway on my sidebar... :o)

Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Renae...just found your blog from Spun By Me. I'll be listing you in my favorites. I love your photographs! Also love surprises...put my name in the pot for your giveaway.
Lots of things I's a sampling...
Painting; baking; creating with silk flowers; old photos; springtime in Texas; Autumn in the Ozarks; exploring quaint little out of the way towns; friends; hard working folks; children dressed up for special occasions; Tabu fragrance; smell of the air after a rain; butterflies; birds and nests; chickens; old dogs; kittens; donkeys; calves; making something beautiful from someone's throwaway; traditional country music; writing; southern gospel music; sunsets and sunrises watched with someone you love; hot black coffee; sweet iced tea; fried apple pies; chicken fried steak; peaches straight from the tree; the wonderful feeling one gets from anonymously helping someone in need; watching wild geese in flight; the sound of crickets; lightning bugs; listening to the river run at night.
I warned you I like many things. This is a few of them.
Make this a blessed week.

PrimAngel said...

Oh I love surprises.. and I love all of your stuff as you well know!! So please surprise me!!
Please enter me into your drawing...
I like raggedy's, Precious Moments, Angels, and surprises!!
I like to spend time with my family and especially my new granddaughter, my furbabies, and I love to be outside...
Nancy E

Susie Mitchell said...

HI Renae, I added the picture and the information about your giveaway to my Susie's Heart blog. Thanks for the extra entries!
Blessings, Susie

Shiree said...

Hi Renae, just found your blog via Deb (aka the angel & the pukeko)-
I love long walks, great sunsets, a very good merlot, cold winter nights in front of a cosy fire, good books, family events,stitching & creating, beginning to like the vintage stuff, love poking around old stores, a run on the beach, surprise boxes!

debbie said...

Hi Just found your blog as well. I have 4 children all girls so they are special to me. I like old things especially laces. I like having time to myself and getting a bit of sewing done. Thanks for the giveaway,I love surprises.

plain*worker*primitives said...

Hey girl, GREAT idea on the surprise giveaway! My favorites are MANY! God's word, summer, antiques, fabric, laughing, hubby, my girls, extreme prim, blue mason jars, old stoves, old books, books, springtime...that's just a few :)
Have a great week friend XOXO

Stacey said...

Hi Renae :) How fun. I'll post about this on my blog as well.

Let's see, some of my favs include:
Children laughing and having fun; vintage photos; antique baby dresses, nightgowns, bonnets, and shoes; enjoying time with family & friends; hiking; prim dolls & bears; a nice hot sunny day on the beach playing in the water with the kids. {prim hugs} ~Stacey

upnorthcin said...

I love Prim..... and I collect enamel ware. White with the red trim to go in my kitchen !! I also love finding new, fun blogs !!!

Nina said...

Hello Renae,

It sound very good :)
Can I be entered please? :)
I put your pic on my blog (left side coloumn) and lick back here.

I also have so many favourite things LOL.
I love old buttons and ribbons, love photography but I think I am not a very good photographer but I do my best.
I collect scissors, I love the special beautiful embroidery scissors!
I love spring with birds and sunshine!
I love flowers and colour antique pink. I love silk... silk threads maybe :) I love quiet SUndays with my hubby...
I love all what called 'vintage'.

Thank you for this giveaway!
I hope we will meet one of my giveaways later.

Regards from Hungary,

Woods Olde Homestead said...

What a fun giveaway...this will be fun for however wins...I just found your blog too and am now following...
I love anything old and rustic..anything back in the old days..and vintage farm stuff...
thank you...I will be doing a post on my blog as soon as I post this and
you can find it here...

Prim Blessings...

Countrygal said...

Hi Renae,
what a lovely picture you chose for the giveaway...and don't I feel lucky? I'd be so happy if u'd enter me, I've also added you to the sidebar of my blog (my blog is in italiana but guess.....I am living in New York right now so if I win no extra charges for postage!) I would so love to visit Nebraska, it must be a wonderful nature state....

Some of my fave: well first of all my hobby which is tolepainting then nice thrift store finds (so rare now here), old books for me the smell of old paper, watercolour tubes- I love just to look at the colour when it's mixed with many other things .........

Have a nice week!


Kryx said...

Dear Renae,

I like your giveaway with suprises. Great idea! Please enter me to drawing.
So, my favorite things:
Dark chocolate, fruits, flowers, ribbons. I have a 1 years old daughter and she is my best thing in my life. I like the smell of the rain, the sunsine, working in the garden, reading, knitting, cooking. I love cookies. :)

I have added your giveaway to my blog.


Tess said...

A few of my favorite things, well that would be angels, somerset studio and cloth paper scissors magazines, art supplies, bird houses, photography, sunshine, quiet walks with my granddaughter (this one shuld be at the top).

basketsnprims said...

Please enter me in your surprise giveaway ~ who doesn't love a surprise & vintage together? Have a great evening.

Elizabeth said...

What a great give-away!
I love surprises,vintage things,especially kitchen ware,plates,aprons,nature.

Defeated Creek Primitives said...

I love suprises, how fun! I also added your giveaway to my blog.

My favorite things are smell goods, old stuff (my family calls it junk lol), a long HOT bubble bath, BOOKS!, lounging the day away with my sweetie :)

Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your awesome goodies!

VintageCrafter said...

Oh How I love surprises! I love so many things so here is the "condensed" version:) Some of my favorite things are...chandeliers, golden brown banana bread, lace, gingerbread, victorian beadwork and ephemera, calligraphy and mother of pearl buttons, antique glass and linens.
Please pick me as I would be thrilled to win the BIG surprise!

Jeanie said...

I love surprises too ! and will also add your giveaway on my blog, which is still very new :)
My favourite things ? Here are some of them ...
my five girls, early in the morning, sunrise, picnics, just sitting at the beach with hubby and watching the waves, reading, cooking, looking for the best bargains, thimbles, buttons, ribbons, fabrics and most of all me time :)
Thanks for the chance at your great giveaways.

simona said...

Hi Renae,
I just found your blog and liked into into my bar's blog ( it's an italian one)... I'd be happy if you enter me in your giuveaway, which I found it's a great a,d fun idea!
I simply love the photo you choose and ....surprises in general. More specifically : I love tolepainting, anuthing old and vintage, primm dolls and bears, raggedy ..... it's better I stop...too many thinks I like!

kiwicarole said...

Hi! I love old linen, fine bone china, old books and newspapers. I love heavily scented roses and stocks, I love birds that sing and cats that purr. And my DH!

Thanks for letting me enjoy your blog!

Patti said...

Tami is right and I love surprises too so please put me in for this. I love anything old including dh who is currently upstairs. Lots of Love Patti xxx

eeekj35 said...

Thanks for the chance!!
A few of my favorites are:
prim signs, willow tree angels, stitcheries, candles, anything old and rusty. thank you!! I will post on my sidebar today. Thanks, Kim

Diane B said...

oh I just this idea...thank you so much I love your raggedies...

a few of my favorite things are
anything old and prim

crocks and milkcans
old kitchen utensils

stacking boxes

prim furniture
time with my grandbabies

Hugs to you

Jann said...

Thank you for chance to enter your giveaway! A few of my favorite things are: vintage photos, antique shops, the songbirds in my backyard, sunny days, a hot cup of black tea with cream and sugar, a good book. Have a great week! Smiles, Jann

Sharon said...

How much fun! I am always up for a surprize! Let me see now,I love sunshine, walking on a beach, finding see glass, my family, my dog who is my best friend and shadow. I love creating, crazy quilting, old lace, new lace any lace, charms, buttons,teddy bears and dolls. I love life, I think that sums it up. Sharon

-girl from the bush said...

hi, thanks for putting me in your giveaway draw. i like to collect old yhings, i always go rumaging through second hand shops for old yhings from the good old days of when i was a kid growing up. listening to the surf on the beach, olr records and listening to them, cooking new recipes and eating!! lots of other things too and most of all sewing, i love to create things. sue

Debra said...

How neat.

I have a passion for collecting shiny things, cut glass, old silver, but my fav of all is little bird statues. The "shiny" ones from say Japan, the fifties, fourties, etc. However I also love handmade items, since there has been a lot of care and love put into them. I guess I am open to most anything.

P.S. Nice photos of your lovely children.

Ellen said...

I love surprises. My are just a few....cross stitch, quaker designs & samplers, hardanger, stitching smalls like biscornus, scissors fobs, scissors cases, pinkeeps, needlebooks etc, collection of embrodiery scissors, dark chocolate and coffee.

Please enter me in your giveaway.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Hello everyone ,

I am having so much fun reading all of your comments and favorite things :) I have gotten you all added so far and the extras in there for posting it on on your blogs Thank-you :)

Tami no worries hon you are not the first to spell it wrong I have family that still does lol

I forgot to mention that kitty in the photo is a picture of our big baby pepper when he was just a baby a couple years ago .He loves to curl up in small spaces always has .Yeterday I went in the bathroom to find him curled up in the sink silly cat.

Keep those favorites coming :)

Have a good day everyone !!!!


Terry said...

Some of my favorite things...bird houses, flowers, butterflies, Raggedy Ann dolls, stuffed bears and bunnies, quilts. There are a lot more but these are at the top of my list! Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

Ankie said...

Oh what I love surprises!
My favorite, well I don´t know I have so many:
Quilts, stithery, laces, dragonflies, buttons, yarns and much much more.
Of course I put your giweaway on my side.

Carol R said...

A surprise giveaway - how intriguing! Please enter me into your draw. I will post this on my blog too

Patti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patti said...

Hi Renae, Just wanted you to know that I have posted a link to this giveaway on my blog. Thanks a lot Patti xxx

Susimac said...

Ooo what fun, I love vintage ribbons, lace and buttons in fact most things vintage. I love candlelight and the smell of roses. I love bees buzzing and watching the sea. I adore my garden especially in the sunshine. I love a really good cup of coffee sitting on my decking looking at my garden or when on holiday - nothing beats that for me.

doris said...

Wow! Sounds like quite an event. And look at all of your participants.

I'm wild for angels, rabbits and hares, hearts, samplers, all kinds of old things (especially linens), and purple.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Please enter me in your draw for a surprise! How fun!

I like :

Cats (but not cutsie fluffy ones), dragons, irises, blues, purples, photography, martial arts, running, stitching and my firends!

Laura said...

Let's see, I love a good mystery novel, watching my daughter dance, spending time with my mom, watching a movie with all my kids (and no one has their phone turned on--LOL!), and of course, getting in a few quality hours on my cross stitch projects.

What a great question! I'm enjoying everyone's answers.

Judith Tetley said...

A Surprise package arriving in Australia would be just the "best"!
My favourite things are; roses, the colours green and pink, old worldy goods and chattels, china tea cups and my collection of embroidery threads.
Have a nice day.

Yuko said...

Hi Ranae,

How fun this is!
I love surprises, too!

Please enter me in the drawing!
I found your blog through Carol R.'s blog and wow so many wonderful works!!
I will definitely come and visit here often!

Xangles said...

Ohh! Love surprises. Please count me in your draw. I Love photography and collecting interesting tins

Becky said...

Kitty cats, beautiful gardens. walks by the river, holding hands, the smell of clothes dried on the line, peaceful mornings on our screened porch when I can take the time to sit and enjoy that first cup of coffee.

Lelia said...

Count me in on your surprise package!

A few of my fav things include thread winders, beads & buttons. Luv stuffed dolls & bunny rabbits. IMO - Nothing beats a walk in the park or along the shore of Lake Michigan, my fav places to unwind and relax

Will put up a post this a.m.

Clare said...


I love
Hot toast
Warm PJ's
sunlight on clouds
spring flowers
writing paper
stitching - of course
reading curled up under a quilt
the sound of the sea
baby broad beans
my children's laughter
frosty cobwebs

love Clare

Michelle said...

I love bird nests, candles, cinnamon buns, primitives, scrapbooking, country antique shows, soft music, kittens. I collect sheep, candles, antique child rocking chairs, old tricyles an wagons! I will post about your giveaway on my blog.

Happy Spring!

Ceci said...

Hi Renae!! This is a very a fun giveaway!!. I really love ShabbyChic Style,
handmade things, art, love to sart with a few, isolated goods and ended with a beautiful piece of art. I love surprises!!!. Please, please count me in !!!
Can I post about your giveaway on my blog ?
Have a great day!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Ranae, just found your blog tonight, and I'm glad i did, i love your pictures and you have decorated your blog so nicely.

what a fun giveaway, I'd love to be entered.
A few of my favourite things- spending time with DH & kids,walking our dog, a lazy day spent stitching. I love to get lost in a good book. i love pretty fabics and notelets. I love springtime, peaceful afternoons and the birds singing

jofridsquilt said...

This is fun. Here are a few things I like. My family, quilting, fabrics, stitching, walks in the nature, spring and the most of a living life. Jofrid

Karin said...

What a great idea - thanks for hosting! My favourite things include coffee, beads, buttons and old watch parts or keys.

May Britt said...

What a great giveaway. I collect old buttons and laces, that is my favorite collection I think. Hope I some day will have time to put it together in a vintage looking quilt. I will post about this giveaway on my blog.

Nancy in Norway said...

I love surprises!
I love winning!
I love makeing quilts!
I love collecting thimbles!
I love chocolate!
I love coffee!
I love buttons and they don't have to be antique!
Hugs from Nancy

Karen said...

What a fun idea...everyone loves suprises, don't they??? Some of my favorite things children and grandchildren, the sound of a baby cooing, the beach, flowers, birds, my country's flag and what it stands for, riding my bike, sewing/quilting,and on and on...;)

Juliann said...

I love surprises too! Nice blog!

Fiesta said...

you are very generous.
I collect fiestaware and my favorite thing to do is garden and quilt. They go together.
I see that you make dolls. mt sister makes dolls for a living. do you design your patterns?

Annika said...

Thanks for a really nice blog. I love those little small things you can put on a shelf :)

Colleen said...

Favorite things:

quilting blogs

I bet I share lots of these with the other posters. I am posting about this on my blog.

Kim said...

Surprises are awesome thank you for the giveaway.

I love:
Ice cream
Singing to the Christian Radio Station Praising God

I have put a link on my blog. :)

Mimi said...

First of all, I love surprises! I also enjoy creating, quilting, crafting, reading, walking.... thanks for the chance!

Liz Schaffner said...

What a funny giveaway :-) But since i love surprise i just have to enter ( like Christmas in April...just without the snow:-)
My favorite things are ...buttons, laces, trims of all kinds, redwork, little teddybears, pincushions, needle case, any old sewing items. I could go on and on...LOL ...if it has to do with sewing/quilting I love it:-)

lcquinn said...

Hi Renea!

I love to get something fun in my mailbox! Fabric & Quilting,birds,vintage "stuff", the beach

Happy Easter!

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh what fun. I love surprises. And I think we are kindred spirits because I love the same things you do. I especially taking old vintage items and finding a new use for them. I love garage sales too but I don't get to go often. I need a buddy! I came over from Abyquilt today it was nice meeting you. I'll write a post at My Home Sanctuary for another 3 chances. Woohoo. I hope your Easter is Blessed. BTW I loved the butterflies so cute!

my home sanctuary said...

My post is up at come by and visit.
Many Blessings,

Valerie said...

I love surprises! Please enter me in your give away. I love gardening, sewing, cooking & blogging. I love going on getaways. Most of all I love my family.

Mary said...

my favorite thing in vintage laces, tatting sewing notions. And surprises of course.

Jeanne said...

Please add my name to the drawing! I love garage sales, too. They should be starting up very soon. I also LOVE my Detroit Tigers and watch as many games as possible. I have collections of quilt puzzles, Wade figurines, little vases, apple things, and Pigeon Forge dogwood pottery (to name a few).

miniaturequilter said...

I love anything to do with ponds..frogs, turtles, waterlillies, lotus, dragonflies, fish, and cattails. Love the colors orange, brown, green. Collect pottery and mice.
Sounds like a fun giveaway, please include me in your drawing! Thanks!!

Carol said...

Would love to win your surprise box!! Some of my favorite things:
Dark Chocolate
Pincushions---vintage and new
Moda fabric
Sewing notions and gadgets
Polka dot fabric
Quilts, quilts & quilts-old and new
Longaberger baskets
Old stoves
Well...I could go on, but this is a start!!!]

Tozz said...

Hi and please enter me in your giveaway. I have put the picture of the little kitten on my blog as well as linking it to your blog. I love all antique things and anything unique. Love laces and vintage designs. I also love patchwork and stitcheries and anything to do with sewing. I even like knitting sometimes. I am also very keen on collecting buttons and have a few rolling pins that I have collected. Something else I like is the old type of knitting needles. I would love to collect some old quilts but I dont hold my chances of getting any of those.
Have a great day and hugs Vicki

Julia said...

Hi Renae,

Please enter me in your giveaway!

I love collecting fabric - that's an obvious one I suppose. I love chocolate (far more than is good for me!!) and I love going to the theatre (I saw 'Othello' on Saturday evening!)

Will post about it on my blog.


Julia :0)

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

Ranea, what a great idea!!! I love when you make things fun! Not to mention when you give something you yourself have made! Thanks for giving of yourself! We all benefit and I know I am thankful. And I hope I do win this surprise!!! I just can't wait to see what it Christmas morning! Oh, I almost forgot......I collect buttons, vintage aprons, and vintage spools of thread. I think I am boring in the collection end because I am busy quiltng!!!

Kerry Roe said...

What a great idea for a give-away!
Please enter me.
I love..... visiting crafty peoples blogs!, making quilts, embroidering fine linen, making teddy bears, good food, good wine, watching a great movie and having some time to myself

Sharon/primthyme said...

What a beautiful blog you have & wonderful giveaway !!
I love so many favorite things,My husband,children,my granddaughters,my family,my dogs,antiques,firkins about anything old,primitives ,old buttons,memories of my parents & when my children were small,birds,genealogy,waking up every morning,Christmas ,Easter.I have added your giveaway to my blog !! Please enter me in your giveaway !!
Prim hugs & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

What a Great "give away"

I have so many things that I consider my favorites that I have been blessed with enjoying and that have made me who I am today.

I love to spend time with my Kids.. my husband... stitching with my 16 year old daughter... spending relaxing time with friends, sitting in a coffee shop and stitching the smell of good coffee and the contact with people, the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore, the sound of birds in the morning as they greet the day, crickets at night. The smell of a Good Camp fire. I love camping, and sitting next to a fire. I love the sound of a gentle rumbling thunder storm, the sound of rain against the roof of our house, the sound of my kids laughing
I collect cookie jars and snowmen, and antique tea cups, buttons in jars.
I love samplers... and primative items...Quaker pieces and quaker inspired charts, Prairie Schooler, Ink Circles, Shep. Bush, to name a very very few.
I love a Good Steak with potatoe, salad and bread, I love lemon cake, and apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream, I love a Good Warm Chi Tea made a bit strong, and a good mild cup of coffee, I love the frappe's and the latte's that are out there... I love fresh strawberries dipped in warm dark chocolate... or dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar, I love Lobster and Snow Crab Legs dripping in fresh drawn butter. I love Fresh peaches and juicy oranges. I love a good cold sweat tea on a warm day.

I like a gentle smile from a complete stranger, and try my best to always give these smiles freely. I love the stories that the elderly have to tell about the "good old days" , and the prayers of a young child.

I could go on and on and on... Life is good and full of things I love. I also LOVE surprises!

Please enclude my name in this drawing! and thank you for helping!


Juanita said...

I Love surprises also!!
I love vintage things...lace,linens,wooden bowls,flowers,the smell of fresh cut grass,my husband and I reading our bible together and praying together,quilts,stitchery,anything old!! Thanks again and have a blessed day!

2ne said...

I love your give away. Most of all I like to quilt and I collect thimbells. I love harts and snowmenn.

I will post about this give away on my blog and use the photo :-)

Hope to be the lucky one

Pam said...

I just came across your blog and love it. Please enter me into your giveaway.

I love old pictures. I like to take pictures in black and white to. Sometimes they look so much better than color.
I also love the vintage look. I'm into Primitive things.
Quite times. I love to sit on my swing outside in the spring and summer.
And also spending time with my family.
Those are just a few of my favoite things.

I will add your give away to my sidebar on my blog.

Have a wonderful day

Sue said...

I love giveaways and this is a double thingy for me...Please put my name into your pot....Will post this on my side bar also..

Barb said...

I love a walk in the fresh air, vintage lace, tinware, bird nests, outdoor activities, friends, garage sales, my fella of 40 years, flowers in Springtime, my Grand kids, my brothers. (some of these things are definitely in the Love category more than the like category) =0)

I like writing on my blog, reading others blogs, teaching what i know to others, my new store, textured paint, pearls and lace, and shabby and chic.

I like a lot of things!!!!!!

Fun giveaway idea. Thanks,
And, have you signed up for mine? Ends tonight.

Barbara Jean

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a fun giveaway! I love pretty dishes and tea cups. I also have a weakness for pretty glassware. But the thing I love most is a peaceful home with love in it :-)

Dayna said...

I love surprises!
Favorite things.... Scotties, fabric, scottie collectibles, scottie fabric!....Spring, flowers, especially yellow lilies. Friends and good food. Date night with my hubby on Sunday nights eating popcorn and watching Iron Chef America. Our scotties share the popcorn.
I love being able to get up in the morning and breathe the fresh air and listen to the birds sing. I loe life!

DianeH said...

Greetings! Favourite things - finding wonderful blogs, me sewing in one room my husband playing guitar in another - all is well.
Walking our dogs, enjoying nature,
taking time to smell the roses,
time with family and friends in fellowship and love.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

I love vintage things too - also doileys, buttons, old dolls & doll clothes and especially quilts (little ones, big ones, old ones, new ones).

free indeed said...

Everyone loves a surprise! Great idea, and someone will be very happy to be the winner...

I really like dishes! I change out my dish sets with the seasons, I like pretty serving pieces. More towards the 'old' rather than contemporary.

I live in a 100 yr old farm house so like vintage things.
I enjoy flowers and veg gardening.
My sewing room is going to be beach calming and refreshing. Anything complain the whole house is turning green. I love trees! They are so beautiful and majestic.
Besides collecting dishes, I collect snowmen. I love pumpkins in the fall and the spicey scents in the air.

Holly said...

I love quilts, long walks, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, my kids laughter, my husbands smile, the smell of a clean towel, garage sales, antiques, and chocolate.

Your dolls are adorable.

Dionne said...

Surprises are FABULOUS! My favorite things are my two daughters, My little boy, my darling hubby and sunny afternoons stitching!

Lunt Family said...

I love photography-especially of nature and bugs/flowers. I also love sports, music, rainstorms, woodburning, and being a mom!
I added a link on my sidebar...

imagrandma2five said...

I love to collect old quilts and treadle sewing machines! I have 3 of them so far. Some of my other favorite things are warm tomatoes from the garden, puppy kisses from my maltese, phone calls from the grands, and spooning each night with my hubby.
I put your giveaway button on my blog,
Karen in Indiana
aka grandma chicken

Quilt Hollow said...

Fantastic idea for a giveaway....we don't even know what we are hoping for. I love a surprise.
Some of my favorite things....all things old or that look aged. My home is a barn....really, I brought in the saws, rakes, old milk bottles etc. I have quilts that I've aged to look old to hang on the rakes and drape in unsuspecting places of old items. (see my blog and scroll to old post if you like) Time spent with my mom and sibs which is far and few between since they are West coast and I'm East coast. Time spent with my DH and two sons whether it be out and about or taking in dinner and a movie. Love to see deer in the yard and hummingbirds come for nectar....I love all critters. I love a gorgeous sunny day....just to absorb the warmth in my bones. I could go on and on....but will let you get on with other readings. Enjoy your week!

Quilt Hollow said...

The adorable picture of kitty has been added to my sidebar.

Cross Stitch Queen said...

Great giveway idea. Just saw it on Nina's blog and thought I would enter it.

Some of my favorite things are:
my family

traveling to different countries and picking up needlework items

a warm summer day filled with the aroma of flowers

seeing a baby smile

feeling God's love around me

having lots of time to cross stitch and seeing the result

sharing with the stitching community through giveaways.

Thanks for having this giveaway. I will put your picture on my blog with a link to your website.

I am having a small giveaway too at Everyone is welcome to enter.

Thanks again,

Nancy said...

I love stuffed animals, especially miniature, also miniature knick knacks, old books, friends, pin cushions, and of course, beautiful fabric. Surprises are wonderful too. You are so generous and the picutre of the kitten tugs at my heartstrings. I do wish I had a blog so I could spread the word about yours. Thanks for the chance to be surprised and good luck to everyone!!!

elaine said...

I love rustic looking objects,any kind of plaid material,puppies,rabbits,birds and springtime is my favorite season.I also collect angels and love flower gardening and daffodils are my favorite flower.

Elaine R

rockriverstitches said...

I would love to be in your give away! This is my first time visiting and love all your bird pictures! Some of my favorite things are birds as you can see from my blog. I sell my folk art birds on my website and my etsy shop. I also love anything to do with cats, which are a big part of my life. I have 4 of them. Love old buttons and vintage table cloths. Those are just a few of my favorites. Love antiques too.


~Tonya said...

Hello Renae,

WOW, I am the 100th person to post! And just think I almost missed your WONDERFUL giveaway.

Surprises are so much fun!!

Well, lets see...

some things about me. It sure is hard to choose :) Candles - vanilla, so many variations. I love little needle punched prim pieces. Rughooked things, journals made with olde papers ane birds, olde photos, Vintage Halloween things I think would be my most favorite.

Vintage trims and hat pins, pretty much anything that makes me smile...

Okay, I think I have written a book now! You have yourself a most blessed weekend.


Pssst, I am posting this on the sidebar or my blog :)

Lucy said...

Hello, it is a funny give away!

My favorite things...

Time whit my family, long walks for the field whit my husband...

Antique photos, music, dolls, the flowers, angels, pre-rapahelist art, the legends, the sea and the mermaids...I´m a dreamer...

I have added your giveaway to my blog
Kind Regards, Lucy from Spain.

Renee said...

The hug I get each night from my husband when I get home from work is one of my favourite things. I also love cuddles from my kitten on the couch and weekends with nothing to do but sew!

And I love surprises too :)

Elia said...

Hi Ranea!! You have a wonderful blog, and i like surprises, so that I sign to yours.
I like: childrens, the smiles of the people, ice cream, chocolate, the sea, to look at the stars, the flowers, the family, the friends, and the persons like you.
Embrace from Spain.


angelasweby said...

Thank you so much for your lovely surprise giveaway.
I love old things like everyone else here especially vintage buttons, laces and trims as well as old linens and small pieces of china like cups and little jugs.. Pink is my favourite colour soI collect pink china.
I also love silhouettes, old enamel, old cards and books, poems and I especially love old samplers in red.
Fragrances have special meaning for me and I love lavender, fresh bread cooking and freshly brewed coffee. Goodness, this list is developing a personality of it's own and completely taking over :>)
I haven't got a blog I'm afraid but I will email my friends and tell them all about it :>)
Warm wishes Angela

Irma said...

What a great idea for a giveaway. Some of my favorite things . . .
reading, time at the beach, quilts, husband, daughter, flowers, polka dots. Have a great day!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, my, Renae,
I have gotten lost in your blog and peeking at the photos of your lovely family.
This is my first time visiting. I found you via Tonya's blog and so glad I stopped in.
Your creations are just precious !

Some of my favorite things...
there are so many ! I love life and everything in it ! a few things...
Antiques, baskets ( longaberger ) decor and craft magazines and books... old books, vintage buttons, old vintage toys, discarded bird nests, a good cup of coffee, dark chocolate, old vintage tablecloths, old sewing items, log cabins. The Atlantic ocean and walking along it ! The U S A ! and ...
the cell phone and the computer and my digital camera !
Hugs to you ! Please enter me in your giveaway ! Thank you ~

Vintage Sandy said...

What a fun giveaway who doesn't love surprises below are a few of my favorite things
Playing w/ my 2 grandson's top's the list
The mountains
Long walks
I will post you on my blog!!

Magic Moonlight said...

I just came across your blog and love it! Please enter me into your giveaway. Blanca

Pike said...

Great, I love surprises! Please enter me in the drawing... many times :)

Pirjo from Finland

Pike said...

OK, forgot to add what I love...
- cross stitch
- collecting stash:)
- silk floss
- beads
- chocolate

Akuka said...

Hello Ranea!! nice to meet you, I like your blog. I like surprises... and my favorite things: my family, flowers, chocolate, the beach...
Thanks a lot. I will post you on my blog!!

Have a great weekend!.

Luna Encaprichada said...

Your draw is very original and I want to participate.
My favorite things are:
- Eating ice cream by the seaside
- Breakfast on the terrace of my apartment in Madrid
- Traveling with my boyfriend anywhere
I have linked my blog on the right side for those extra points.
My email: angeles.casas @
Sorry for my bad English.

janil said...

I love my family, animals, craft, illustrated books for kids, buttons, rustique furniture, decorating home, miniatures, little dolls...

i love your blog too and your beautiful work!


cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Becca said...

I love surprises. I collect old greeting cards. I love to read the hand written notes inside. It can give a peek into the lives of these women.

Lisa said...

How exciting!
I love cross stitching, fabric for finishes, small charms to use, old looking teddy bears, antique rings and bracelets (gold only), I have a small collection of hedgehog ornies and teddies and I love goblins.

Gayle said...

Please enter me in your surprise giveaway. Some of my favorite things are saltbox houses, sheep, sugar cones, early lighting candles. really anything that is prim or extremely prim.

Phillane E'lee said...

Oh sweet of you and love the old picture.
I love rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Old pictures, good friends, tea and special surprises.

Marcepx said...

I arrived a little late to your give away, but it interested me a lot because I love old things, the letters of wooden printing pictures of angels, buttons, things shabby chic style, flea market treasures, and so on. .
More than anything that my country is not.
Thank you for your kindness.
Greetings from Chile.