Monday, January 28, 2013

A few images (:

 A few images just click on the images to bring them up in a new window right click and save them to be used in your craft projects (: I added a button today on the left side of the screen with an image like the top image on this post ,click on that and it will take you to more images .I will add more to it every now and then. You may use them in your crafts and scrap booking.If an image from my blog is pinned to pinterest or anywhere else a link back to my blog needs to be added to it pretty please and thank-you . When adding the images to your crafts you may take my name off there .I had to start placing it on them due to some issues I was having with how they were being used non craft related .

Have a good day!!!
Big Hugs

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PhD by Publication by Carolyn said...

I really enjoy viewing all the photos especially those of vintage and classic style. It made me recall the younger years when I was still an innocent child. Those days were perfect coz’ you don’t have to worry about anything but only play and chocolates. Thanks a lot for making my heart feel young even for just a couple of minutes.

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