Sunday, January 27, 2013

large vintage paper flower with birds nest

Hello I had to show you the large paper flower I made last night to hang in my craft room. I love how it turned out , after seeing some beautiful giant paper flowers at  Aunt Ruthies Sugar Pie Farmhouse while playing on blogs and pinterest yesterday. And the wonderful tutorial at Renew my home and Aunt Peaches along with several others you can find on my pinterest under Flower inspiration I decided to give it a try.I took a dinner plate and traced it onto some cardboard and cut it out and then cut three different sizes of petals from some paper to use for my pattern . I used 11 large petals for the outside 7 petals for the next row that are maybe an inch smaller  and made some much smaller ones that I cut from some coffee stained coffee filters one of my favorite papers to use love the stuff. I folded the ends a bit and glued them on easy easy then added some ink to the tips of the small petals and placed a birds nest in the center all in under an hour. I thought it would take me several to get this done so I was happy with that .I don't think it turned out to bad for my first one :D .The paper I used on the large petals is some really neat vintage looking wrapping paper I picked up at Christmas at TJ Max's .They only had two rolls left and they went home with me I was thrilled to find it .

My youngest daughter seen it says mom that is awesome ,made her mommy smile big time. After all impressing my 15 year old these days has been a task in itself. She is at that age that mom is not so cool lol . Asks me if I can make her one ,that we could work on it together and I can teach her how to make them ,another shocker for her mother but loving every minute of it . So when we get hers done I will post it . She wants one done in old music paper which I have tons of to play with but also wants it made from fabric .As she put it if you can mom that would be great . So we will see what I can come up with that she likes .Then she adds I know my graduation is three years away but we so have to make those for it .So anyway there is my silly story behind this very big flower. I am off to make supper and see what I can create tonight have a good evening.

Big Hugs Renae


Cyn said...

oh my goodness!!! I want one now!!

honeycreekprims said...

What a wonderful idea. That's just so great--love it!

Robin said...

Gorgeous Renae! I love that your daughter likes it too, how wonderful that you can create one for her. Have a wonderful week.


My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Thank-you (:

Big Hugs