Thursday, April 23, 2009

And in the surprise box was ........

Hello everyone, I just checked the tracking number and it looks like the surprise give away box arrived at it's new home today . So now I can show you all what was in it :) .... I did a bird stitchery up and framed it with a little nest and tiny little eggs . Along with it I made a small birds nest and added some little eggs I made from clay and painted, then placed it in a small shadow box .And I made a fabric covered trinket box with a bird stitchery on the top of it . All done in matching spring colors . I also made a couple little hang tags but forgot to take pictures of them :)

I want to thank all of you again for all the kind comments . I will try to get around to visit some blogs soon. This week I have been very busy with preparations for graduation it is getting very close only 3 weeks left to prepare for it .So I may not be on much in the next couple of weeks . I am so very proud of Natte ,but I have to admit I will be happy when this graduation party is all over and I can get back to sewing again . Today I finished up 100 cupcake wrappers I have been working on . And I have 60 picks done with 40 more to go. Then I need to get busy on the photos . I purchased two baskets yesterday at hobby lobby that I am going to place peat moss and some flowers or something in them .Then make picture holders from wire to add pictures so it looks like a bouquet of pictures for center pieces on a couple of the tables. I am also working on two large old window panes that some of her pictures will be added to . Along with other things I want to do .I will take pictures when they are finished .
I am off to work on those cupcake picks . Have a good week-end :)