Thursday, November 12, 2015

A few jars I did for my Daughters wedding reception

Just a few of the lace jars I did up for my daughter and new son in laws wedding reception that was in October.I did coffee filter sunflowers that are in a couple of the pictures as well .It took me about three days to get a pattern tossed together for those that I liked,lots of test ones went in the trash lol. And I made lots of paper lanterns and wood signs. I did not get pics of everything at the reception ,with only three weeks to prepare ,very little sleep and rain that morning delaying things a bit ,it just didn't happen . They went to Vegas to get married this mama missed her baby girls wedding day. But it's all good the reception was very nice and they did a little ceremony before hand.

I have not been on my blog for some time now.With my granddaughter  here with me most days while her mama finishes up college and works full time .Well  lets just say toddlers can keep you busy , but worth every minute of it. Now that she is a lil older not a baby anymore I am trying to get back to things. I have been busy making bracelets which I will post here soon,as well as some other things I have been making. I am having issues with my blog so I have to get it figured out or I will be starting a new one......just a tad bit frustrating .That's another reason I have not been on here, just no time to mess with trying to figure out the issue.But I need to if I'm going to get back to things .So Just a few pics of one of the things I was busy with recently I will post a few more things soon..have a great day!!! Big Hugs