Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good morning everyone,It is so beautiful here this morning ,I was out watering some of the flowers I have uncovered .Need to get the rest of them cleaned up this week they are growing so fast .It has been so nice seeing the green starting to show and letting some fresh air in the

house.love it!!!!!

I did this candle jar up for my table over the week-end. I love anything with birds, eggs and nests so just had to make one .I used the graphic above for it ,you are welcome to use it . Just find a clear jar, place some moss in the bottom of it .I painted some paper mache eggs up and placed 3 in there. Printed the graphic off to fit the back of the jar used some mod podge to attache it facing the inside of the jar .Then covered the back of the image with some coffee stained rice paper ,any paper or fabric that shows on both sides would work that you like .Then I glued the same bird graphic over the coffee stained and other image so it could be seen on the outside of the jar as well.Then coated the outside image with some more modge podge .Then just place a glass votive or whatever you like that will fit in the top of the jar.I used an old blue glass cylinder I had . Then put flicker candle in very simple. These would make really cute gifts for friends and loved ones .Mothers day is coming soon :)Just one idea for some of my lil ol graphics .

And here is another idea ,I used some little boxes from valentines day the little sampler Russel stover ones . I got plenty of them on clearance very cheap for the kiddo's and just had to come up with an idea for them . The kids ate the chocolate and mom played with the box's :)I just took one apart traced a pattern onto paper and covered them with mod podge and pretty paper .I have been playing with pressed flowers lately so I added one of those to the box as well .I can't wait for my own flowers to grow so I can get busy and press some of those .But anyway another idea ,they are perfect for jewelry.

Last night Hubby and I went to the high school .My youngest son made honor society at school and they had a little ceremony for them .Rather proud of him ,he only has one more year of high school left then he is off to college to be a chiropractor .About the same time my oldest daughter will have to go to a different college to get her bachelors and my oldest son will most likely be headed over seas .So I am going to cherish this next year with them all still here under this roof :) time goes so fast but I couldn't be more blessed .
Ok I am off to get some sewing done ,yes you heard me right back at the sewing machine and almost have a couple things finished up to get on eBay .Just need to put a few finishing touches on them and work on some pictures .Feels good to finally have something finished up again and ready to get back into it all :)I think that sunshine and nice fresh air has motivated me again . Have a good day I will chat at you soon .