Friday, June 26, 2009

Little witch trinket box

Good morning , I thought I would show you what I have been busy working on the past week .It will be up on eBay soon. She is the first of a collection of these boxs I will be doing in the months to come . I decided to add a little bit to my pin cushions I have been making and try something just a bit different :)

I am off to run lots of errand s today ,go see my grams and try to get this listed yet today so I will chat at you later. Have a good week-end !!!!!
I got her up on eBay here is the link.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pin cushion listed and some vintage images

Hello, Well we had a nice supper last night and I learned I can actually make fried chicken lol :) I was doing it the wrong way all those years ago when I tried it then I was to scared to attempt it again until last night . With the very kind help of my step moms advice .Who knew it was so easy to make not me until now lol .A couple caps of oil in the skillet roll it in some seasoned flour and cook it about 15 minutes on each side ,lid on the skillet .And there you have it very yummy fried chicken which hubby will be wanting more of now I am sure :) He told me not to let his dad know I knew how to make it while laughing . It is one of his favorites I guess as well . I also made BBQ meatballs , there were very few left overs hubby and the kiddo's ate almost all of it. I think all that was left were a few mashed potatoes and gravy a tiny bit of corn and a couple pieces of the chicken which got sent in hubbies lunch today so it must not have been to bad :)

As you can see I was playing with some vintage images this morning .Just click on each one to bring it up larger in a new window .Right click , save and enjoy.

This is a repeat image of one I played with back in February, just a bit different I just love this cute lil image . You will figure out which are my favorites because I use them over allot :)

I got the Annie pin cushion and needle keep listed just a little bit ago on eBay
I also have the link in the upper left corner of my blog.Just click on eBay and it will get you there I have a few more pictures if you want to take a peak .I did a set with the needle keep and pin cushion .
Well I am off to get more work done .I have a couple Annie's to dress then onto a new project.
Enjoy your day I will chat at you soon .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lil annie pin cushion and needle keep

Wow two posts in one day whats up with me lol .I thought I would show you the pin cushion and needle keep I have been working on this past week . I should have them up on eBay by tomorrow . It has been raining off and on the past couple of days and sprinkles in between which makes getting the pictures I need hard to do since these cannot get wet . But I did get a couple quick ones so I could post a couple pictures on here and show you what I have been working on .
Have a good evening ,I am off to start on that special supper for hubby .

bottom of the pin cushion