Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ice skate and star ornies

an image for you above :)

Hello, Been busy playing with sparkly glitter and paint today .As you can see in the picture above my little ice skate and star ornies . Have a little more work to do and should have them listed in a couple days. Very cold here today Brrr!!! so not a good picture hope to get better ones done later .
Took hubby for his biopsy on the lung on Tuesday . Was a very long day and should have results by tomorrow . He has a partial collapse of his lung right now from the biopsy it is getting a little better had it X-rayed yesterday and go back tomorrow to have it looked at again. They do not want to have to put a tube in to fix it if they do not have to .That would mean another hole placed in the lung and can sometimes collapse worse when the tube is pulled out .So just watching him close right now and hoping it will fix on it's own in the next few days .
He had taken the last of his steroid treatment on Saturday which he was on for a month and as of Monday things started going backwards again. Knee all swollen to point he cannot straighten it all the way and in lots of pain . And feeling yucky again so went to see one of his doctors yesterday for the knee and he put him back on the steroids which should start to help in a day or so they think . What it basically means is they put him on the steroids to strengthen his system and keep whatever is going on at bay .It started to work blood counts were back to pretty much normal last week and things looked good at that point so we hoped it would remain that way . Which would mean whatever was going on would have been gone . But does not look like that is the case the past couple days have shown that already and fast . So yep more doctors waiting and answers and lots and lots of praying and faith ... just trying to do my best to keep him comfy .
Haley and I started to put the tree up last night ,just need to get the lights on and decorate it now which she is very excited about . She got her little one put up in her room a few days ago :)
well I have lots to do so better get busy ,just thought I would give a little update on our crazy little world right now . off to do some cleaning , make supper then play with more paint fabric and glitter :)
Have a good evening my dear sweet friends

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello everyone, Thank-you so much for all your kind words .They mean so much more then I can express right now. To put it bluntly I am exhausted ,frustrated and hanging on to every ounce of faith I have right now .It is hard for me to put into words what is going on in this head of mine right now .
We did get some answers as of yesterday and hubby is home as of this evening I have to watch him very close . What I can tell you at this point is he got the flu it turned to strep which caused sweets syndrome, which caused the kidney failure and such . the kidney failure caused the suto gout to flair . There are still some remaining questions and things being done which I will share in a month or so when the steroid pack has run its coarse and the doctors can get a little better look at some things . The doctors will be watching hubby very close for a while more tests were done that will be coming in and more to be done in the months to come . He is on 7 different meds right now which I need to make charts for to make sure they all get taken right . Work is a bit of an issue and not sure what will happen there he has to be able to do something very light duty for a while at least for a month or so till the steroids do there magic and we do further testing . So I will be starting to look for work outside the home as of this week. I in all honesty at this point do not know how many of my lil creations will make there way to ebay for some time but every spare moment I have I will be trying .
My son who probably checks in on moms blog if I know him well enough . Is still waiting on answers himself due to trianing and having to be in class to graduate .So things have been delayed with the doctors and still waiting to get some remaining answers there as well . We cannot wait to see him hopefully in 4-6 weeks .Right now we are not sure of the date due to the issues with his leg .But I can tell you I miss him so very much and the day he gets off that plane and is back home can't come soon enough for me .
well I am beyond tired right now so I am off to check on hubby and try to get a lil sleep . But wanted to give a quick update on things the best i can right now . I will chat at you as soon as I can .Again thank-you so much for all the kind words means so very much bless your hearts .

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My new front porch decor....

Hello, just finished this little 4-1/2 foot pumpkin guy up for my front porch :) He will be there greeting all those little trick or treaters next week-end. I very rarely make myself anything that I keep so figured it was due time I did .And of coarse I won't loose this guy Ha Ha .
When I get the special little treats finished up I am handing out to some of the neighbor kids I will take pictures and post those.
Hopefully this next week I can get back to some sewing for Ebay. That is the plan anyway it's been so long I may have forgotten how lol :) It has been chilly and raining here ,snowed a couple days ago again .but didn't last long the rain came back and washed it all away which was ok with me .
Hubby is very sick right now has been for the past week but turned into strep throat and now has his knee all swollen up again so back to the crutches today . We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings might be another trip to the doctor poor guy is miserable . talked to my parents they are down with it as well and I am not feeling so well myself but trying to ignore it right now.

Well I am off to get some housework done and cookies and such baked to get off in a special package to my kiddo . I found such a yummy new recipe the other day when I get a chance I will post it.It's my favorite now:) enjoy the rest of your day I will chat at you again soon .

Friday, June 26, 2009

Little witch trinket box

Good morning , I thought I would show you what I have been busy working on the past week .It will be up on eBay soon. She is the first of a collection of these boxs I will be doing in the months to come . I decided to add a little bit to my pin cushions I have been making and try something just a bit different :)

I am off to run lots of errand s today ,go see my grams and try to get this listed yet today so I will chat at you later. Have a good week-end !!!!!
I got her up on eBay here is the link.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pin cushion listed and some vintage images

Hello, Well we had a nice supper last night and I learned I can actually make fried chicken lol :) I was doing it the wrong way all those years ago when I tried it then I was to scared to attempt it again until last night . With the very kind help of my step moms advice .Who knew it was so easy to make not me until now lol .A couple caps of oil in the skillet roll it in some seasoned flour and cook it about 15 minutes on each side ,lid on the skillet .And there you have it very yummy fried chicken which hubby will be wanting more of now I am sure :) He told me not to let his dad know I knew how to make it while laughing . It is one of his favorites I guess as well . I also made BBQ meatballs , there were very few left overs hubby and the kiddo's ate almost all of it. I think all that was left were a few mashed potatoes and gravy a tiny bit of corn and a couple pieces of the chicken which got sent in hubbies lunch today so it must not have been to bad :)

As you can see I was playing with some vintage images this morning .Just click on each one to bring it up larger in a new window .Right click , save and enjoy.

This is a repeat image of one I played with back in February, just a bit different I just love this cute lil image . You will figure out which are my favorites because I use them over allot :)

I got the Annie pin cushion and needle keep listed just a little bit ago on eBay
I also have the link in the upper left corner of my blog.Just click on eBay and it will get you there I have a few more pictures if you want to take a peak .I did a set with the needle keep and pin cushion .
Well I am off to get more work done .I have a couple Annie's to dress then onto a new project.
Enjoy your day I will chat at you soon .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

lil annie pin cushion and needle keep

Wow two posts in one day whats up with me lol .I thought I would show you the pin cushion and needle keep I have been working on this past week . I should have them up on eBay by tomorrow . It has been raining off and on the past couple of days and sprinkles in between which makes getting the pictures I need hard to do since these cannot get wet . But I did get a couple quick ones so I could post a couple pictures on here and show you what I have been working on .
Have a good evening ,I am off to start on that special supper for hubby .

bottom of the pin cushion

Thursday, April 23, 2009

And in the surprise box was ........

Hello everyone, I just checked the tracking number and it looks like the surprise give away box arrived at it's new home today . So now I can show you all what was in it :) .... I did a bird stitchery up and framed it with a little nest and tiny little eggs . Along with it I made a small birds nest and added some little eggs I made from clay and painted, then placed it in a small shadow box .And I made a fabric covered trinket box with a bird stitchery on the top of it . All done in matching spring colors . I also made a couple little hang tags but forgot to take pictures of them :)

I want to thank all of you again for all the kind comments . I will try to get around to visit some blogs soon. This week I have been very busy with preparations for graduation it is getting very close only 3 weeks left to prepare for it .So I may not be on much in the next couple of weeks . I am so very proud of Natte ,but I have to admit I will be happy when this graduation party is all over and I can get back to sewing again . Today I finished up 100 cupcake wrappers I have been working on . And I have 60 picks done with 40 more to go. Then I need to get busy on the photos . I purchased two baskets yesterday at hobby lobby that I am going to place peat moss and some flowers or something in them .Then make picture holders from wire to add pictures so it looks like a bouquet of pictures for center pieces on a couple of the tables. I am also working on two large old window panes that some of her pictures will be added to . Along with other things I want to do .I will take pictures when they are finished .
I am off to work on those cupcake picks . Have a good week-end :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Primitive lil annies

Good morning, Here are a couple of little Annie's I just finished up and listed on eBay this morning.

This little one is only 7 inches long the smallest round headed doll I have made so far .

I did up tiny little socks and felt shoes for this one . I was having so much fun dressing this dollie . She is about 12 inches long . They can both be found here .

I Have a ton of things to do today so I need to get busy.But I wanted to stop in and show you what I spent all day yesterday working on finishing them up . Have a good day I will chat at you soon : )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vintage bunny and trinket box

Hello, I just finished this up and got it on eBay .I was not happy at all with the pictures due to the weather today so I fussed with them much longer then I should have and then still was not happy and had issues uploading them to photo bucket .So I got it finished and posted much later then I had planned . I liked the saying I found and used on the image I posted yesterday so I put it on her little trinket box .Here is the link to her on eBay if you want to take a peek :) .
I am off to get some sleep so I can start early in the morning again Have a good evening .

Saturday, March 7, 2009

lil Annie

I just finished this little Americana Annie up and got her listed on eBay . Americana is my favorite so I love doing anything in those colors . It is so cold here today a big change from the nice weather we had the last two days we might get sleet later which has me worried my son is in Iowa today for show choir and they head home very late on chartered buses normally it is about 1:30 am before they pull into the school. I just hope they have a safe trip home .

Yesterday he came home very bummed he tried out for baseball at school the second year now that he did not make it . It is so hard to see because he really puts his heart into everything he does and to not make it again this year has me worried I don't want him becoming discouraged. The bad part about it is they let kids from two of the other high schools try out which I do not understand at all since it is a team at his high school makes it very unfair for the kids that go to school there and can't get on the team due to the extra kids from the other schools . But after all I am a mom and when we see our kids hurting we want to kiss that boo boo and make it go away but some things we just can't do that with . At the age of 16 he reminds me often he is all grown up and ok but mom's can tell by just looking in those eyes :)

Little Miss Haley has been in working at her sewing machine which was a gift this past year for Christmas it was the top thing on her wish list . She made her very first doll today with very little help from mom It has been so fun peeking in on her seeing the pride in those eyes as she shows me what she has accomplished It is the simple little things that bring so much joy at times .

Well I am off to get this house cleaned up I had a request from hubby and the kiddo's to make homemade brownies and hot cocoa so I better get busy doing that Hubby keeps peeking in here with this look of hmm where are they lol . Have a good evening I will talk to you soon .

Friday, March 6, 2009

Primitive Raggedy Annie

Hello, I got another Annie up on eBay as a buy it now . Here are a couple pictures of her. It is so nice here today later we might get some rain and cooler temps but that is ok we can always use the moisture. Hubby got home early today he had to leave work at noon due to the plant having to cut hours OUCH!! They found out yesterday there will only be 36 hours a week for a while due to the economy and they are trying to keep everyone working right now .

Hubby used to work 70-80 hours a week bless his heart that dropped to 55 a few months back and now 36 we are just a tad bit stressed but all will be fine we are used to budgeting and cutting lots of corners and I know most everyone is having to do that right now . We just have to have lots of faith and be very careful .and remember that things could be so much worse .So I will be out looking for work next week to help out as much as I can . I will still be making my lil creations when ever I have time which when things get like this it is major motivation for me so probably more so then I was just the kick in the rear end I needed maybe lol :)

Right now hubby is out playing catch with little miss Haley I can see them from my sewing room. I have a window in here that gives me a full view of the back yard I love it . She is full of giggles playing with daddy music to my ears :)

well I am off to play at the sewing machine and make some more dollies . Have a good day I will chat at you soon !!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Primitive Americana Annie

Hello, I hope you all had a good day today . I just got this little Americana Annie and the bunny listed on ebay here is the link to my ebay if you want to check them out .

The annie sold this morning :)