Friday, March 6, 2009

Primitive Raggedy Annie

Hello, I got another Annie up on eBay as a buy it now . Here are a couple pictures of her. It is so nice here today later we might get some rain and cooler temps but that is ok we can always use the moisture. Hubby got home early today he had to leave work at noon due to the plant having to cut hours OUCH!! They found out yesterday there will only be 36 hours a week for a while due to the economy and they are trying to keep everyone working right now .

Hubby used to work 70-80 hours a week bless his heart that dropped to 55 a few months back and now 36 we are just a tad bit stressed but all will be fine we are used to budgeting and cutting lots of corners and I know most everyone is having to do that right now . We just have to have lots of faith and be very careful .and remember that things could be so much worse .So I will be out looking for work next week to help out as much as I can . I will still be making my lil creations when ever I have time which when things get like this it is major motivation for me so probably more so then I was just the kick in the rear end I needed maybe lol :)

Right now hubby is out playing catch with little miss Haley I can see them from my sewing room. I have a window in here that gives me a full view of the back yard I love it . She is full of giggles playing with daddy music to my ears :)

well I am off to play at the sewing machine and make some more dollies . Have a good day I will chat at you soon !!!

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Deb said...

Renae, My heart goes out to you and your husband. I know the feeling you get living with the uncertainty. Thankfully my DH is back working but the 4mths he was out of work were scary. At least at the moment its only cutting down of hours, and as you say its just a matter of budgeting isn't it. As a race we are terrible as so many of us live day to day financially.