Saturday, March 7, 2009

lil Annie

I just finished this little Americana Annie up and got her listed on eBay . Americana is my favorite so I love doing anything in those colors . It is so cold here today a big change from the nice weather we had the last two days we might get sleet later which has me worried my son is in Iowa today for show choir and they head home very late on chartered buses normally it is about 1:30 am before they pull into the school. I just hope they have a safe trip home .

Yesterday he came home very bummed he tried out for baseball at school the second year now that he did not make it . It is so hard to see because he really puts his heart into everything he does and to not make it again this year has me worried I don't want him becoming discouraged. The bad part about it is they let kids from two of the other high schools try out which I do not understand at all since it is a team at his high school makes it very unfair for the kids that go to school there and can't get on the team due to the extra kids from the other schools . But after all I am a mom and when we see our kids hurting we want to kiss that boo boo and make it go away but some things we just can't do that with . At the age of 16 he reminds me often he is all grown up and ok but mom's can tell by just looking in those eyes :)

Little Miss Haley has been in working at her sewing machine which was a gift this past year for Christmas it was the top thing on her wish list . She made her very first doll today with very little help from mom It has been so fun peeking in on her seeing the pride in those eyes as she shows me what she has accomplished It is the simple little things that bring so much joy at times .

Well I am off to get this house cleaned up I had a request from hubby and the kiddo's to make homemade brownies and hot cocoa so I better get busy doing that Hubby keeps peeking in here with this look of hmm where are they lol . Have a good evening I will talk to you soon .


Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your little American Annie looks so sweet! Many Blessings, Katie

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Americana Annie looks cute! It I ever get my sewing room started on, I want to decorate in that style.

I hope that your son makes it home safely. Its definately a shame that they let other schools tryout for his team. Do they not have teams at their schools?

You will have to show us a picture of your daughter's doll when she gets it done. You must be proud! :)

Take Care,

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your americana annie!! Let me know if you didn't get my email...I dont think I hit "send" before it went POOF. Laurie