Monday, December 1, 2008

Annie Ornie

Hello , I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end I know I ate my share of food LOL love that pumpkin pie it's one of my favorites yummy. We went to hubby's sisters Thanksgiving day and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner here Friday . That was a long day I was up at 4 am to go shopping with my two boys then spent 4 hours making the meal. When my head hit the pillow that night I was out but worth every bit of it .
Today is back to sewing I finished up this little Annie angel ornie and just listed her on ebay . I have another item I hope to have up later today . I just have to dress her and take the pictures. I went to the post office this morning and sent out my package for the secret Santa honey pot swap so it should be arriving next week sometime it has a very long way to travel :) Well I am off to try and get some more sewing done have a blessed day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ice Skate Ornies

Hello , sorry I haven't posted much lately or been by to visit . I got sick a couple weeks ago and that turned into a nasty cold which I am just now starting to get over a little bit but still fighting it and I have been very busy sewing some ornaments the past few days .I thought I would show you one of them my favorite I think . When I was young I grew up on a farm and one of the things I loved to do was ice skate .I would find any frozen piece of water I could to skate on , one of the places I would find it was close to the cattle tank, water that had over flown which was not much but enough to make a young girl that wanted to skate very happy and I would stay out there until my mom made me come into the house it was always a treat when there was homemade hot cocoa waiting to warm me up after.
I went to a very small school in the country with about 63 kids in the whole school ,8 kids in my grade and every winter they would make a spot for us to skate they would build the structure and fire trucks would bring the water in and we would have to wait for it to freeze . I spent allot of time on that ice and the memories have remained with me today . every Christmas I pull a very special ornament from my collection that is placed on our tree it is a pair of skates my mom purchased for me at a craft show . Tiny skates made from white felt with red trim and a paper clip as the blades . when I put them on the tree I remember those days and I think of my mom and they bring a smile .
After seeing several different Ice Skate ornaments while looking around online it kind-of tugging at my heart I decided to set down and come up with my own and this is what I ended up with . I am playing around making different styles right now and even ended up making a pair of Santa boots from the pattern that I will show you later .funny how one thing can get you going and spark new ideas as you are working with it . so if you don't see me for a few days you will know I am setting at my desk busy making ornaments LOL I also want to make a large pair of skates for my front door and just might get a set done to put up on ebay that's the plan anyway :) I have a couple special packages I need to get finished up first for some swaps I am in which will soon be on there way :) OK I am off to run some errands then back to sewing Have a Blessed Day

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Annie Angel Ornies

I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end it was so nice here again just a beautiful day out. With the time change I was up before 5am this morning it's going to take a bit to get used to it again I think so I figured I would get some sewing in and got these two annie ornies finished up and listed on ebay .

Friday, October 17, 2008

The winner of the pumpkin pin

Good morning everyone I just had lil miss Haley draw a name and the winner is Olde Country Creations I will get ahold of you so I can get your addy to send it out today :) I had to giggle cause I went back and checked and you were the first one to leave a post all the names were put in a bowl and I had her pick one she pulled it out and I was thinking to myself I am pretty sure that was the first post looked and sure enough lol . I want to Thank everyone for all your kind words and posts I wish I could send you all one . But I will be doing another giveaway soon so keep an eye out .I hope you all have a great week-end I am going to try and get a little sewing done and get some housework caught up on and might take Haley to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin this week-end we wanted to go last week-end but it was raining so maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful gift

Hi everyone thought I would pop on here real quick I spent all day scanning old family photos hundreds of them still have lots more to do and wow loving looking at all of them .My aunt let me borrow them for a bit to do so trying to get them all scanned and on a CD so I have copies and can get them to other family as well , but just had to show off the gift she gave me yesterday it is so beautiful the picture does not do it justice . she hand painted this .I just love her work I wish I could paint like her such talent you might just start seeing her work on eBay soon I hope . She was a huge inspiration when I was growing up teaching us all kinds of different crafts when we would go visit so to have this hanging in my home is very special .

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin pin ornie giveaway

I am doing a giveaway for this pumpkin pin/ Ornie that I have made .You can take the pumpkin off the card and wear it as a pin or leave it on and use it as a ornie . all you have to do to enter is leave a comment . If you are unable to post just send me a message and I will get you entered. If you post it on your blog let me know and I will enter your name 3 more times . I will draw the name of the winner next friday October 17th. this is open to anyone .Good luck :)

The winner of the giveaway is : Olde Country Creations

Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Josey" vintage snowgal ornie

Hello, I just finished this little snowgal up this morning she has been setting on my desk waiting to be dressed for a couple weeks now I have been having to make myself sew lately alot on my mind I guess it has been hard to get into my work these days but I am trying ,I get that way every now and then sometimes things tug at my heart and head and I just drift off and forget about my work but I promise I will try to get alot more things listed very soon .I know I have been slow about it the past few months but I had alot going on with both my girls health and my grandma's passing . after making her and the other one I did up like her I was so happy with how they turned out I might just have to make a couple more like them of corse each one different but here she is if you want to see more picks you can check her out here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little witch annie ornie

Hello , just finished up this little witch annie ornie this morning and got her listed on eBay .
My daughter Natasha's birthday is tomorrow so trying to get as much sewing in today as I can hard to believe she will be 18 already ,my son Zachary turned 19 on Friday . I had them very close together only 1 year and 5 days apart I was a very busy mommy but then I still am LOL but my kiddo's are well worth every minute of it . They always get to pick out what they want me to make them for there supper and dessert Natte thinks she wants cherry cheesecake Yummy:) and still has not decided on what else yet all she knows is something with mashed potatoes so I guess I will be running to the store in the morning :)

She came home from school yesterday with all the information for her graduation in the spring she was mad she wanted a sunflower for there class flower it was on the list for them to vote for but it ended up being a white rose with purple tips I was hoping for the sunflower myself it has a special meaning to us but I figure we can still go with the sunflowers at her party why not that will put a smile on her face :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

lil snowgal

It is such a beautiful day here today I love when I can open the windows and get lots of fresh air . I just finished this lil cutie up this morning for a special order .I am working on another one somewhat like it to get up on ebay soon .Also working on another Wilber pumpkin guy today ,the one I sent off to a buyer on the 4th has not arrived to her yet :( lost in the mail somewhere I am guessing ughhh!!! so I am working on another to get sent off to her if the other one does not show up on her doorstep by the week-end. This is the first time I have had one of my packages get lost in the mail but I sent it parcel post I have never done that before I had to otherwise shipping would have been $30.47 due to the box being just about an inch over the size so they were going to put a surcharge on it yikes!!!! I went and talked to them Saturday to see if they could find anything out but they told me I have to wait two weeks from the day it was sent before they will do an inquiry on it and not to worry to much . All it says on the tracking when I check it is it was accepted here on the 4th nothing else so frustrating .has anyone sent parcel post before and had it take a long time I always send priority or first class so I am clueless .like that is anything new lol :) if anyone knows if this is normal please let me know .
Update 9-17 Mr Wilber pumpkin made it to his new home today safe and sound it took 13 long days but he arrived and is living with a very sweet lady in NY . I know one thing I am never sending a package parcel post again :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

lil witch up on ebay

Hello I am new to blogging so please excuse me while I get this all figured out LOL here is a cute little witch I have up on ebay right now I made it with a pattern from Back porch pickins I just love all of Tonya's creations she is so talented I love to play with her patterns I am like a kid with a new toy each time I get a new one lol .