Friday, October 7, 2011

Hello my dear sweet friends , yes you may snag the image :) I know I said a while back I would be busy posting again but.. life has it's twists and turns as we all know .Mine just doesn't seem to ever want to calm down thus the saying on the image above which I am learning all to well to do... take things one day at a time and just live threw it the best you can .Our life here has taken a rather large turn yet again this past month. My husband came down with the flu right before labor day his first day of a weeks vacation from work the flu turned into strep which he was having treated with penicillin which we now know he cannot have . That landed him in the hospital with a week in the hospital which started the 8th of September and another ten day stretch which we just got back home on Wednesday night with home health care coming in and me learning how to do his IV meds yesterday. It is a long story short version of it is he has a bacteria that has traveled first from his strep throat to his knee causing it to be septic which took two surgeries tons of test the first visit to the hospital he was sent home to recover on lots of antibiotics .Only to have things get much worse in the days after that so back to hospital for 10 days and tons of tests he now has the bacteria in the bones of his spine .This is all very difficult to explain at this point he has many things going on with him that have the team of doctors working with him a bit baffled at this point and if the antibiotics do not work which we have to wait at least 6-8 weeks to find out we will then have to travel elsewhere to hopefully get some awnsers to all of this . So just a very short version of what has been going on around here. I will be listing things soon on ebay and etsy now that it is up to me to try to keep things going around here .Just a tad stressed right now but all will be fine I have faith in that after all what else can one do :) I will post when possible but will be spending most of my time working and tending to hubby and the kids .Have a wonderful week-end Big Hugs