Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello everyone, I have been away from the computer for the better part of the week. Monday morning we woke up to police officers in the driveway as hubby went out to warm his pick-up , up for work. There they were taking pictures of his pick-up and filling out a report. Some little punks had smashed in 3 of his windows with a baseball bat .They also got the neighbors work pick-up. And what sounds like over 60 other peoples cars Sunday night sometime. Sooo yep that was not cheap to fix and no insurance to cover that only liability. It pushed me over the edge so to speak and I spent a couple days in bed on muscle relaxers due to very severe pain in my neck which had started a couple days before but got much worsethat morning . X rays showed nothing so doctor thinks most of it was due to way to much stress and a possible small injury of some kind ..really have no clue other then I slept for almost 2 days straight and thinking I needed it :) Doing ok now just have to be careful not to move my neck fast or around to much and not lift anything heavy for awhile oh and the big one doctor says no stress .Ummm ok...Ha ha I don't see that one happening ..after all I am human, a wife and mother LOL.
So hubby got up on Wed morning to drive to work after we got his windows fixed and he had a flat tire poor guy .This after his tooth broke off the night before which we think is from the prednisone he is taking those wonderful side effects ughhh .He is in pain waiting to get into the dentist. Flat tire was probably from the glass ughhh!!! Bless my oldest son's heart he was getting his dad back and forth to work and taking me to see the doctor and checking on me. As Natte Kay my daughter helped out there as well.. They learned what it was like to have mom unable to do much but sleep for a few days not a good thing. But anyway just one of those weeks could have been worse i know that :) just frustrating is all and worried the little punks will come back again this week-end .After all they hit our street twice last summer this made a third time .And I live in a nice area makes me so darn mad.But what you going to do but suck it up and deal with it I guess.
Well I only had a couple hours of sleep last night due to the neighbors lovely dogs barking and worried about the punks coming back I am off to try and catch a little sleep if possible.Just wanted to stop in and let you know why I was not around this past week .If my neck remains to keep getting better I will be back to my sewing this week I Hope I am trying anyway :)
Enjoy the rest of your week-end chat at you soon

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello everyone, a couple images to share with you :) click on each one to bring it up in a new window right click and save .

Hubby started back to work today worried about him ,I know he was nervous . We still have no answers but are working with a new doctor that feels the problem is with his pancreas . Also thinks what I did at the time this all began that the medications he was on had lots to do with things as well . He has gained 20 of the 24 pounds he lost that first week . He got the brace for his leg on Friday it better help for $2400 yikes!!! The guy that fitted and made it for him said he has never seen a guy his age have to get one before . If we do not get anywhere with the doctor we are with now we will then go to the Mayo clinic we had to make some hard choices . If hubby did not start back to work today he would lose his insurance and job so need I say more there ... Doctors feel it would be good for him mentally to get back to a routine again as long as it is light duty mostly paper work . He does have to go back and have another scan done of the nodule and blood work done in March I think to double check for cancer . The nodule did not show cancer but is not normal looking either . They checked for several things with that including a rare fungal infection all came back normal which is good . So right now only time will tell and I am setting here praying he is doing ok at work today .

We did get some answers on my oldest daughter a couple weeks ago ,she gained so much weight in the past year , was having horrible headaches and the only way I know how to describe her attitude the past couple years is bipolar . Well it is her Thyroid so working with a doctor to get meds adjusted right now,finally an answer . And some very good news about lil miss Haley Doctor feels she is possibly in remission from the arthritis and in July if it continues she will be taken off meds to see what happens for sure . One of those days I actually left the doctors office with happy tears :)

As for myself I am doing ok .....The best I can right now after the roller coaster ride the past several months , It has challenged me beyond words....But I will take the good stuff and come out of it strong again in time :) .I will be slowly starting back to my lil business in the days to come . What can I say my heart hurts right now I miss grams so very much .But maybe putting all that energy into my work is just what I need right now .So expect to be seeing some angels soon . I already have one pictured in this head of mine now just to create her .I also have some other things planned possibly another give away coming soon I do love doing those so be on the watch for that :)

Well I better get busy I decided to clean Haley's closet today imagine my surprise when I opened the door ...all I can say there is my daughter is a little pack rat Hee Hee .I was scared I would get lost in there still am lol :) Have a good day I will chat at you soon .