Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another stick star ,wings and cross

Another stick star I did this morning 

Wings with a stick cross

And wings with words 

Just a couple things I have finished up this week. have a good day!!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lighted star hubby helped me make

While playing on Pinterest the other night I came across a lighted star that I just loved .So Hubby went out to the garage came up with a small piece of barn wood we had out there and we did this up.It is not like the one I seen but love it and the fact hubby helped me do it makes it even more special .He is not the crafty type but I think I have gotten him interested a bit after doing this one I hope so .This week-end we are going to work on another one I have pictured in this head of mine I will post it if it turns out.

If you want to make your own just take a piece of old wood trace a star on the back side drill holes and put lights in the holes easy peasy. The bottom is just burlap I wrapped around and used flat tacks to hold in place so I can change it as I want to .

Some magnets I made for the frig.They are easy to make just cut a piece of burlap or fabric and place paper ,tissue you could even use a page from an old book,wrapping paper whatever you like on top of the burlap. I stained a coffee filter and cut it a bit smaller then the burlap. Then place a pressed leaf, flower or feather on top of the filter .Take a piece of clear thin vinyl and sew around the edges.When sewing the vinyl you may have to place some tape under the foot on your sewing machine I used paper tape worked great for me and peels right off when finished that washi tape is good for lots of things (: Then just glue a magnet on the back. I did one up with a pressed rose but gave it away before I got a picture taken so I will have to make another one and post it later. This would even be a cute way to display family pictures ,poems lots of ideas. And would make a cute simple gift.

and some little paper  flower magnets made from rolled roses. Just a couple things I did this week. I will be back with a couple more things to show you soon that are almost finished .


Friday, December 6, 2013

My version of a stick star

 I was playing with sticks today (: this is the first of several little ideas I have up in this silly head of mine right now. I have been driving hubby crazy at night sketching things out in my notepad with my flashlight. Needless to say my brain decides to get busy when I go to bed and want to sleep lol. My in-laws moved a couple months ago from the home they had lived in for 40 years. And being the sentimental person I am I cut some branches from a few trees on the property that will be taken out to build new homes on the ground .It will all be bulldozed and nothing left to remember but memories . The branches were from trees my hubby and his sister planted when they were kids and some lilac bushes that were there grandmothers . I cut them and brought them home with ornaments in mind for hubby his sister and parents .This is the first of them which is for my mother-in-law.I thought I would share pics with you.  I will have more of my silly little creations to post soon working on some wings that are almost finished. Have a good week-end.

Hugs Renae

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Playing around in my craft room again

Hello, I have been back in my craft room playing again feels good .I hope to get some things done to list soon. This is just some pictures of things I have been playing around making.a tad bit rusty after such a long break from it but working on it (:
 I did this picture with the wings for my room inspired by things I found on Pinterest and things I have been dealing with. It is true the harder we get hit by things life throws at us there is a strength to be found in it if we look for it and it can make us stronger. I am rising above everything that has happened in the past years and finding myself again. Sometimes you have to be knocked to your knees pretty darn hard to really wake you up and see the beauty around you again. And just simply be thankful for the simple little things in life. The beautiful magic we are surrounded by everyday but tend to forget about while we get busy making a living. 
A little bird ornie I have been working on, you just might see some on eBay or Etsy soon.

I have a passion for nature so I will be trying to add more of it to my work.

 I helped my in-laws move recently and one of the things I got from my father -in -law was a old rusty metal cabinet from his shed . I forgot to take before pics but here is the after. I gave it some major tlc and then painted it with chalkboard paint so I can doodle on the front . I got some other goodies from hubbies parents as well old screens and doors and such that I will be working on as I get time. I have found a new love for fixing up old stuff so much fun to put new life in to stuff most people would toss out.

 This is a new design I have been working on tiny bird nests with itty bitty birds. I hope to get some done and listed soon along with a line of angels I have in mind.

So that is what I have been up to , I am off now to work on some curtains and a rag quilt for my granddaughters room .It won't be long before we can hold her in our arms so excited can't wait to look into her beautiful eyes. Have a good day !!! Big Hugs Renae

Monday, November 18, 2013

                    I made this for my face book cover today, thought
                       I would share it (: It's blending in with my black 
                         background on here. Have a good day!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm going to be a Grandma (:

Hello my dear sweet friends ,It has been awhile since I have posted. Some things happened this year that have kept me from blogging and crafting. The first picture is of my oldest daughter She is expecting in January and we are beyond excited. This will be my first grandchild .She is being named after me how cool is that. I have been busy getting ready for a baby shower November 9th. I hope to show you some pics of what I have made for it soon.It has gotten me back to crafting again, I forgot how good it feels to create stuff.

And this is my very beautiful daughters. I am so blessed to be able to post this photo. One of the reasons I have not had my little creations up or posted for a few months is that my youngest daughter attempted suicide in June due to bullying. And more then anything that has happened these past few years with hubbies health and my grams passing it dropped me to my knees the hardest, I found strength I had no clue I had . I won't talk much about it right now due to her privacy. But wanted to explain where I have been. My focus has been and will remain on her as she is still dealing with this .

I will be crafting again soon ,for those that have been looking for my little creations wondering where I have been .I am sure this will explain it.

Have a good day!!
Big Hugs

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Owls Hanging out in my back yard

Hello, Been a while since I last posted have had lots going on here. Thought I would post some pictures of owls that started hanging out in our back yard yesterday. We first noticed three large owls yesterday morning and couldn't figure out why they would be out during the day.

Then yesterday afternoon found a baby hanging out in one of the trees which I took pictures and watched it for some time. Then last night my daughter and I went out to see if it was still there and caught four babies up on the telephone lines just starting to take off.

This morning they were in the back yard again. I tried to take a few pictures but it was still a bit dark out and the flash on the camera scared them into the neighbors yard. I am sure they will be back later, I know I will be looking for them .

 I just hope people letting off fireworks which starts today( not thrilled about that it runs a full week here a day is enough for me )won't scare them off. Such  a beautiful thing to be able to watch them I had never seen one up close until yesterday. So anyhoo here are a few pictures I took of them . Have a good day .Hugs Renae

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hearts,hearts and more hearts

  Hello ,I have been busy playing with hearts if you couldn't tell by the pictures Hee Hee .I thought I would post a few pictures of them and show you a few I have gotten done this past week (: I will post more pics of some other things I have gotten done soon. Time for me to get my bum off here and back to work. I spent way to much time on here today yikes .

Have a good day !!
Big Hugs