Saturday, November 23, 2013

Playing around in my craft room again

Hello, I have been back in my craft room playing again feels good .I hope to get some things done to list soon. This is just some pictures of things I have been playing around making.a tad bit rusty after such a long break from it but working on it (:
 I did this picture with the wings for my room inspired by things I found on Pinterest and things I have been dealing with. It is true the harder we get hit by things life throws at us there is a strength to be found in it if we look for it and it can make us stronger. I am rising above everything that has happened in the past years and finding myself again. Sometimes you have to be knocked to your knees pretty darn hard to really wake you up and see the beauty around you again. And just simply be thankful for the simple little things in life. The beautiful magic we are surrounded by everyday but tend to forget about while we get busy making a living. 
A little bird ornie I have been working on, you just might see some on eBay or Etsy soon.

I have a passion for nature so I will be trying to add more of it to my work.

 I helped my in-laws move recently and one of the things I got from my father -in -law was a old rusty metal cabinet from his shed . I forgot to take before pics but here is the after. I gave it some major tlc and then painted it with chalkboard paint so I can doodle on the front . I got some other goodies from hubbies parents as well old screens and doors and such that I will be working on as I get time. I have found a new love for fixing up old stuff so much fun to put new life in to stuff most people would toss out.

 This is a new design I have been working on tiny bird nests with itty bitty birds. I hope to get some done and listed soon along with a line of angels I have in mind.

So that is what I have been up to , I am off now to work on some curtains and a rag quilt for my granddaughters room .It won't be long before we can hold her in our arms so excited can't wait to look into her beautiful eyes. Have a good day !!! Big Hugs Renae

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