Monday, February 10, 2014

My granddaughter

      A couple pictures of my beautiful daughter and granddaughter Bryndlee Renae ,named after her grandma .I can't put into words how my heart feels about that and this beautiful blessing we have been given in our lives. the gift of becoming a grandma is so much more then one can put into words loving it so much.

      She arrived  January 7th, I got to watch the whole thing and wow is all I can say to that pretty awesome.  When she was placed in my arms at the hospital I looked down at her told her I was going to teach her all kinds of things how to make cookies ,plant flowers and such and bless her little heart she looked at me and smiled .We were all shocked only a couple hours old and already smiles on her face,needless to say the tears rolled down my face. A moment I will never forget .I am looking forward to so many more .