Sunday, October 25, 2009

My new front porch decor....

Hello, just finished this little 4-1/2 foot pumpkin guy up for my front porch :) He will be there greeting all those little trick or treaters next week-end. I very rarely make myself anything that I keep so figured it was due time I did .And of coarse I won't loose this guy Ha Ha .
When I get the special little treats finished up I am handing out to some of the neighbor kids I will take pictures and post those.
Hopefully this next week I can get back to some sewing for Ebay. That is the plan anyway it's been so long I may have forgotten how lol :) It has been chilly and raining here ,snowed a couple days ago again .but didn't last long the rain came back and washed it all away which was ok with me .
Hubby is very sick right now has been for the past week but turned into strep throat and now has his knee all swollen up again so back to the crutches today . We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings might be another trip to the doctor poor guy is miserable . talked to my parents they are down with it as well and I am not feeling so well myself but trying to ignore it right now.

Well I am off to get some housework done and cookies and such baked to get off in a special package to my kiddo . I found such a yummy new recipe the other day when I get a chance I will post it.It's my favorite now:) enjoy the rest of your day I will chat at you again soon .


Rooster Inn Primitives said...

Wow he is so awesome looking. Great job. THe tricker treaters will love him. Sorry your hubby isn't feeling well. I've got strept throat to. Not fun. Just sitting around today catchin up on my blog reading and not doing much. doctors have me on antibiotics. Sure hope your not getting it. Would love to see the recipe for the cookies. Hope he feels better soon.

Hugs Pam

Robin said...

He is just adorable and what a wonderful way to great your trick-or-treaters Renae! Hope everyone in your family gets to feeling better soon.

Take Care - Robin

Barb said...

he is great!!

barbara jean

Deb said...

Your pumpkin man is great Renee. The kids will love him when they come knocking at your door I bet.
Like your new header also,
hugs Deb

marie said...

Your pumpkin guy is awesome! The trick or treaters will love him!

I hope you have some time to work on your Ebay listings ~ it sure seems to be flying by! Time, that is.

Hope your hubby is feeling better soon!