Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ice skate and star ornies

an image for you above :)

Hello, Been busy playing with sparkly glitter and paint today .As you can see in the picture above my little ice skate and star ornies . Have a little more work to do and should have them listed in a couple days. Very cold here today Brrr!!! so not a good picture hope to get better ones done later .
Took hubby for his biopsy on the lung on Tuesday . Was a very long day and should have results by tomorrow . He has a partial collapse of his lung right now from the biopsy it is getting a little better had it X-rayed yesterday and go back tomorrow to have it looked at again. They do not want to have to put a tube in to fix it if they do not have to .That would mean another hole placed in the lung and can sometimes collapse worse when the tube is pulled out .So just watching him close right now and hoping it will fix on it's own in the next few days .
He had taken the last of his steroid treatment on Saturday which he was on for a month and as of Monday things started going backwards again. Knee all swollen to point he cannot straighten it all the way and in lots of pain . And feeling yucky again so went to see one of his doctors yesterday for the knee and he put him back on the steroids which should start to help in a day or so they think . What it basically means is they put him on the steroids to strengthen his system and keep whatever is going on at bay .It started to work blood counts were back to pretty much normal last week and things looked good at that point so we hoped it would remain that way . Which would mean whatever was going on would have been gone . But does not look like that is the case the past couple days have shown that already and fast . So yep more doctors waiting and answers and lots and lots of praying and faith ... just trying to do my best to keep him comfy .
Haley and I started to put the tree up last night ,just need to get the lights on and decorate it now which she is very excited about . She got her little one put up in her room a few days ago :)
well I have lots to do so better get busy ,just thought I would give a little update on our crazy little world right now . off to do some cleaning , make supper then play with more paint fabric and glitter :)
Have a good evening my dear sweet friends


Deb said...

Renae, how jolly frustrating for all of you regarding your husbands setback after completing the steroid regime. Now having to go back on it at least he gets relief from being on them but such a shame its not giving the answers you all need. Chin up, try to be brave, we are all sending much love and prayers across the globe to you hun.
big Hugs

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Will say a prayer for your husband. Hopefully everything will turn out okay. Love your ice skates and stars. ~~Annie

robynart said...

Hello Renae, I just want to thankyou for your beautiful blog. I've so enjoyed reading it for quite some time now and your beautiful pictures and words are very inspirational. Am so sorry you're having difficulties with your husband's health and do hope things go ok. You have inspired me to start a blog of my own and I would be delighted if you would join me as a follower. I hope you may find just a little bit of time to take a peek at my blog, I've used one of your gorgeous photos on it. I'm still learning this blogging thing, so have a long way to go, so any help or ideas from anyone would be appreciated. Take care and hope to hear from you, hugs from downunder in Australia, Robyn.

Robin said...

Hugs and prayers go out to you and your family Renae. Your work is just beautiful....I should know :)

Barbara Jean said...


Good for you to keep moving ahead with Christmas plans as much as you can.
I know it is hard to focus on or enjoy things when there are health issues with those we love.

You are in our hearts and prayers.
You are not alone in all this.


barbara jean

Stina said...

Catching up a little on blogs and reads about your poor husband... I hope everything will be just ok.. I will keep him and your family in my thoughts.. take care all of you...
And I have to say I love your skates..:o)

Mel said...

Those stars and ice skates are darling, they would make for cute tree ornaments.

The story of your hubby hits home, my husband went thru a great scare nearly 6 years ago now. He was told he had stage 2 lung cancer and needed to be operated on immediately. Leaving the doctors office in shock (just a few weeks prior to Christmas) we later decided to get a second opinion. Thank "God" we did! To make a long story short, it ended up being a fungul infection within a lymph node. NOT cancer at all, for many months it was an emotional roller coaster.

Hang in there, our prayers are with you.

Elia said...

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