Tuesday, May 25, 2010

lil Americana Snowman Ornie ......

Hello everyone ,I have been busy trying to figure out this pattern thing . This is my first pattern I have done to share and I am not sure what I am doing yet lol .So I am giving it out as a freebie. You can all test it out for me : ) I am not sure how good my instructions are ,I find it hard to explain how I do things and wonder if it makes since to others at times . I have the link in the side bar so just click on the picture there and it should take you to the file to download or print it .I hope so anyway ,if you have any problems getting to it just leave a comment and let me know and I will respond as soon as I can . I did a set of these lil guys a couple years ago and sold them on eBay .As I was going through some things over the week-end I came across the pattern and figured hey I am going to give this a try .And many hours and frustrations later here we go : ) But hey only one way to learn something and that is to try right ....And I have promised to do so for a couple years now ....so it was due time I sat my bum down and started to figure it out . If this does ok there will be others to follow .This lil guy has a couple partners that went with him so they might make an appearance soon . Ok I am off to make hubby and the kiddo's some supper I will chat at you all soon .Oh by the way I set up an account on face book as well it is a work in progress but the link is in the sidebar as well :) Have a good evening



Michele said...

Renae ... This is the most adorable Americana snowman I have ever seen!
Thank-you so much, not only for all the time you invested in putting this pattern together, but for your generous offer to share it with us! I can't wait to see this snowmans pals! ~.~

Sharlene said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing this cutie with us .Looking forward to seeing more patterns from you .

PatC - All is Bright said...

He is soooo cute! So nice of you to share.


Patti said...

Hi Renae: This is the cutest snowman ornie!! Thank you for the free download too. I have several patterns that I would like to get into PDF files for download; just don't know how to get them from word into pdf...will have to try it one day...thanks again...

lynda said...

What a cute snowman! Thanks for sharing the design with us.

Robin said...

Just adorable Renae! I was just thinking about you as I was writing in the journal you made. Glad to see you creating again and I hope you list some things in your Etsy store soon.

Take Care - Robin

Maggey and Jim said...

Thx so much for the snowman,, I really like him and will post when he is finished.

At Home With Amy said...

What a cute snowman. You did a fabulous job on him Renae.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Awww Thank-you everyone glad you like it :) .I did redo the pattern just a bit and repost another link for the new one . I got rid of the other one it is in the same place . It was pointed out that I missed a couple things typo's .It said cute rather then cut on the felt pieces ,oops me bad .I just went back over it yet again and it still has one boo boo I missed that I can see so far .But it is going to stay that way for now until I have time to fix it again. Just know even I can be an airhead at times well lots of times ...Hee Hee . The thing I found was it says this this toward the bottom .So just ignore that for now pretty please .
I guess I also forgot to list black paint on the list of items needed but I think you all can get that one figured out .
And I had a question weither the crow wing was wrong and was to be doubled . No it does not get doubled unless you really want to try it that is feel free to :) It is only one peice sounds weird to some probably but sooo much easier to just do 1 for that tiny of a piece and once painted it is fine ..after all it is primitive thats what I love about primitive doesn't have to be perfect :) If you want a wing on both sides you can do that not a problem just do the same for the other side ,but it won't be seen on the other side when in the pocket .That is why I just did one lil ol wing .So I hope that helps to awnser that question ...

Patti I used CutePDF a free program to download you might give it a try .Then I uploaded the pattern to my picasa account under google doc's, it is all free .If you have any questions hon just email me I will try to help .It isn't very hard just time consuming is all.I spent more time trying to figure out what program to use and how to use them then anything .well that and redoing the pattern several times to get it to fit ok and trying to figure out the instructions .Which I am sure could still use some work :)

Hi Robin ,etsy is on that list of mine hon .I need to sell rather then buy so much on there these days LOL .I can't seem to help myself such beautiful things I find on there . I hope to have things going soon ;) As long as things remain calm around here that is .I have been at my sewing machine again so shouldn't be long before I have things listed again :) I hope LOL

well I am off to play at that sewing machine again .I purchased several patterns in the past week and I am having fun trying them out. One of the things I do when I have not sewn in a while and have a hard time getting back to it is purchase new patterns .Then I am Like a kid with a new toy :) Last night I played with one of Patti Ratties patterns some of my fav's just love her cute lil patterns .I made some tiny teddy bear ornies .they are hanging above my desk making me smile today. And right now I am working on a pattern I purchased from JoEllen ....Befruitfulkreations a snowman candy holder cute cute cute .

I have a nice stack of new patterns to play with and a few more I have my eye on and will be purchasing soon :)

But I also have lil annie legs painted and ready to paint so yes they will be showing up soon :)

Ok I am off to work have a good evening everyone


2ne said...

I just love snowmen - maybe I will try this our some time :-) Have a great day.

Barbara Jean said...

woo hoo!!

You are a life saver.
Matter of fact I see several there i have used off and on.
I have misplaced my whole file, computer and printed, Here somewhere in this mess I am trying to reorganize. =)

thank you so much.


barbara jean